Matthew Mage

Hi, I'm Matt! I'm a software engineer currently working full-time at in Seattle, Washington in the AWS Billing department.

I'm one of the co-founders of, LLC, where I am currently working part-time on Paragon, a Rocket League training app that lets you practice your in-game shots with the press of a button. I am one of the lead developers in charge of the cloud backend and C++ work, as well as doing some desktop application work in Rust/Typescript.

Before that, we (, LLC) ran a website for analyzing your Rocket League gameplay with statistics and machine learning. We collected over 30 million games automatically that encompassed over 3 million players. I was solely in charge of all DevOps and cloud administration, while also being the lead backend developer in Python. We also maintain the top Rocket League replay stats package that the site was built on, carball. That work is completely open-source so check it out!

I simultaneously do software consulting for Rocket League's parent company, Psyonix Inc. through my company (, LLC). I work on esports software that supports their Rocket League Championship Series.

I graduated from Northeastern University in May of 2020 with a Masters in Mechatronics/Mechanical Engineering. At Northeastern I was heavily involved in the Northeastern Esports Club, including being one of the founding members and the technology director. I was also part of the Club Rocket League team and was on the original roster and helped to promote the team to varsity status in Fall of 2020.

Outside of work I take photos, hike, cycle, ski, and play competitive games (Rocket League, SSBM), as well as tabletop games when I have the time.

My resume is here and it was last updated 3/21/2021.

Relevant projects: