Matthew Mage

Hi, I'm Matt! I'm a Mechanical Engineering major turned Software Engineer. Currently I'm working full-time at in Seattle, Washington. I work on creating new internal tooling to ease the burden of the talented graphic designers and artists in the AWS Marketing department.

I'm one of the co-founders of, LLC, which in turn runs (who would have thought, huh?), a website for analyzing your Rocket League gameplay with fancy math and machine learning. I am solely in charge of all DevOps and cloud administration, while also being the lead backend developer. We're completely open-source so check it out!

I am graduating from Northeastern University in May of 2020. At Northeastern I was heavily involved in the Northeastern Esports Club, including being one of the founding members and the technology director. I was also part of the Club Rocket League team and was on the original roster.

Outside of work and school I take photos, cycle around Seattle, and play competitive games (Rocket League, SSBM).

My resume is here and it was last updated 9/25/2019.